Ishq Click Movie Review

Ishq Click
Movie: Ishq Click
Cast: Adhyayan Suman, Sara Loren, Sanskkriti Jain, Keshav Arora
Direction: Anil Ballani
Ishq Click starts with Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman) as a budding photographer who is on a trip to Darjeeling where he meets Sophia. He invites her to come down to Mumbai to pursue a career in modelling. Mumbai changes her life – on one hand she is a rising star in the glamour industry and on the other she falls in love with Aditya. But when he leaves her to marry another girl, she is shattered. Does fate get them back?
A budding photographer and his muse have a stormy love affair. She is smitten by him, dreams to marry him and hopes for a blissful life together. He wants to be an undefeated achiever who wants to win, by hook or my crook. Marriage, for him, is the passport to a better life.
First half of the movie is the plus point but the second part is not impressve. In the second half, there is a needless legal battle which will wear your patience thin. The charges under which Adi is framed is plain lame.
Ishq Click is not at all worth to watch.

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