Kabali tickets sold out within hours, many fans disappointed


With just three days left for the release of Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’, a few theatres which opened online bookings on Sunday midnight saw a mad scramble among fans to grab tickets for the first few shows.

Rahul Jayasurya, an IT Professional from the city, said that he had been switching between a few websites where booking had opened after Sunday midnight to get tickets for the morning shows scheduled for Friday.

Companies declare holiday on Friday For Kabali

With the movie scheduled to release on Friday, July 22, fans have already started flooding their employers with leave applications to catch the first-day first-show. The holiday is declared to avoid sick leaves, mobile switch-offs and mass bunks by companies. High fever of Kabali of few enthusiastic fans from Chennai have also gone as far as launching an online petition requesting the Tamil Nadu chief minister to declare an official holiday on the date of movie’s release.

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