KickAss Torrents site shut down by FEDs


Artem Vaulim, the founder of KickAss Torrents, is arrested in Poland and the domain name is seized, making the website unoperational. Vaulin, also known as “tirm,” is thought to be the person behind the founding of the site in 2008 and was heavily involved in the operations and financials of KAT.

This is a massive blow to the online torrent community, where millions of people share copyrighted material without paying for it.

KickAss Torrents isn’t the first to be targeted by the US government for illegal distribution of digital content, with popular websites like The Piratebay going through its own fair share of arrests and takedowns in the last few years.

Governments have been pressured in recent years by entertainment giants — including Sony Pictures, the Walt Disney Company (DIS), Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Universal Music Group — to crack down on digital piracy.

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