Kris Gopalakrishnan backed JetSynthesys invests $3 million in ‘Garage’ for start-ups

Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan backed JetSynthesys Ltd  announced the launch of ‘Garage’.

JetSybthesys has invested USD 3 million in creating first ‘Garage’ facility in Mumbai. Garage concept is based on to provide infrastructure to start ups. Today world’s best and biggest companies Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney have started out in rented garages.

“To succeed, startups need a holistic ecosystem — from mentors to capital, from technology to design, from market access to legal and HR support, from learning to an inspired workplace. That’s what we have tried to build through Garage and Jetlabs,” JetSynthesys Non-Executive Chairman, Kris Gopalakrishnan said in a statement here.

Describing Garage Rajan Navani, MD and CEO of JetSynthesys said, “It is a co-working space ideal for entrepreneurs that takes collaboration to a new level with creators, innovators and passionate learners. With a capacity of about 170 seats, Garage will also work with digital transformation teams of large Indian traditional businesses.” About 10 start-ups, which have been incubated, accelerated or invested in by Jetlabs and Jetventures in India or Silicon Valley, have started using this facility.

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