Highlights of Sushma Swaraj speech at United Nations General Assembly

Sushma swaraj addressing at UNGA

Highlights of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj speech at UNGA:

  • The minister hits back at Pakistan directly: She raised following questions

    What does Pakistan mean by ‘our conditions to talk?
    We have tried all to make Pakistan see reason
    We have tried to talk to Pakistan as friends to resolve issues
    We have extended hands of friendship in the last two years
    But what have we got in return – Pathankot, Uri?

  • This month we marked the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on this city. Tragically, less than 15 days ago, another attempt at killing innocents was made through an act of terror in this same city. We, who have suffered in Uri recently, understand the pain inflicted by the same forces. The world has been battling this scourge for long.
  • We must remember that we will be defined not just by our actions, but equally, by our inaction
  • “Everyone sitting here should first accept that terrorism is undoubtedly the biggest violation of human rights,” she says.
  • The terror apparatus that was behind 26/11 was also behind Uri as they are behind several terror attacks the world over.
  • Sushma names Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif directly and asks him to look at the condition in Baluchistan.
  • Bahadur Ali is a living example of Pakistan’s cross border terrorism. “But when confronted with such evidence, Pakistan remains in denial. It persists in the belief that such attacks will enable it to obtain the territory it covets,” she said
  • There are nations in the world that promote terrorism and the world knows about them
    If a nation refuses to come together for this, they need to be isolated
    Such nations that allow UN-designated terrorists to roam about freely have no place in this grouping
  • Swaraj rattles off the government’s achievements in child education, girl’s education and bank account for the poor.
  • Sanitation is a big issue, and we have started ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ under which 4 lakh toilets are built in 2 lakh schools.
  • There can be no progress without peace.

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  1. she is good lady speaker after indra gandhi for india

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