Promises made by Mayawati in Saharanpur rally


Gearing up for the upcoming UP elections, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati addressed a massive rally in Saharanpur.

Highlights of her rally:

  • She assured sugarcane farmers that once BSP comes to power, they will get the right procurement amount . They will also clear the pending payments.
  • Benefits of development will not restrict with one section of society
  • Muslims, Dalits, backwards will be in focus of the development.
  • Her regime will not be for the capitalists, rich land owners like BJP.
  • No free laptops or mobiles, instead cash for poor students.
  • BSP will endeveaour to secure jobs for qualified youth in state.
  • People of Uttar Pradesh will have to rise above caste and religion to vote for BSP. So that we can end the ‘jungle raj’ and create a lawful environment in the state.
  • Any communal or criminal miscreants will be punished swiftly.
  • Any land grabbed from Dalit community will be freed.
  • Congress resposible for all communal riots in Uttar Pradesh in the past.
  • SP and BJP are working together for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections.
  • Dadri lynching was a joint conspiracy of BJP and SP.
  • BSP has nothing against upper cast people, if there was anyhting, why would we have appointed upper cast people in higher posts.
  • Other parties conspirating against BSP over party tickets. Blames are being made to degrade the image of BSP.
  • BSP is not just a political party, but a missionary movement.
  • During the SP rule only one family developed in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Women feel unsafe in SP regime.
  • BSP in its previous four terms has worked hard for farmers, employees and poor.
  • Wooing the muslim vote bank, BSP Supremo Mayawati said Ambedkar created a constitution keeping in mind equal rights for all religions in India.
  • Mayawati took a jibe at ruling party and said that Samajwadi party has once again created safe heavens for hooligans and criminals.



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