Fuddu Movie Review: A decent movie starring Shubham, Swati Kapoor

Fuddu-Movie-Review-Rating and-Story

Fuddu is a 2016 Indian Bollywood romantic comedy movie, which is directed by Sunil Subramani and made under the supervision of Anurag Basu. This film is Jointly produced by Pradeep Gupta, Mahima Gupta, Gandharv Sachdev and Pawan Kumar Sharma under the banners of Mahima Productions, ViaMonk Motion Pictures & Paradiso Productions. The movie story has been written by Pawan Kumar Sharma. It features Shubham and Swati Kapoor in the lead roles.

Story of Fuddu

The film’s story revolves around Mohan (Shubham), who shifts base from Banaras to Mumbai and has a hard time adjusting to the city’s lifestyle. He arrives with certain expectations but is disheartened the moment he reaches his elder brother’s home. The match-box sized home is cramped and Mohan has a tough time getting used to it. He also has to deal with culture shock.

But all these elements take a backseat as Mohan quickly manages to get a job and then gets married to Shalini (Swati Kapoor). That’s when the story takes off. Since Mohan is shy, he has a hard time getting intimate with his wife. As if that’s not enough, they live with six family members in the cramped Mumbai house.

While Shalini tries her best to get close to her husband, the latter not only fails to recognise her hints, he doesn’t even express his love. This creates misunderstandings between the two and finally Shalini loses her cool and leaves. Mohan’s life gets turned upside down. How he rights his life again is the rest of the story.

The other actors lend good support to the story, Shubham plays his part beautifully. He has a good screen presence. Swati Kapoor is good in whatever little screen time she has in the movie.

The movie will show how middle class people in Mumbai adjust and live in their small houses.

Bollywood celebs, including Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Anurag Basu,Sunny Leone, Sharman Joshi, Gauahar Khan and Anita Hassanandani have supported the film.

Its not a must watch movie, but still its recommended as it’s better than all those Bollywood movies which make oodles of money but have no story.


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