OnePlus to offer Re 1 Diwali Dash Sale

OnePlus to offer Re 1 Diwali Dash SaleOnePlus to offer Re 1 Diwali Dash Sale

After Xiaomi, OnePlus will host its Diwali Dash Sale on its e-commerce store online. OnePlus will also be selling OnePlus accessories and handsets after users register for the event.

The OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale will be held between October 24 and October 26, each day at 12 PM, 4 PM and 8 PM. Interested users will need to register for the company’s Diwali Dash before hand. This is a four step registration process – account registration, mobile number verification, shipment address and share the event. Users will need to share the event using hashtag #OnePlusDiwaliDash on at least one of their social media accounts as well. This will help them win an ‘entrance ticket’, which makes them eligible to purchase a mystery product at Re 1.

Buyers can also “level up” their chances of winning the more by either sharing it to other social media accounts or verifying the OnePlus device they own. They can also enhance their chances by purchasing  OnePlus accessories from the e-store.

Unlike other Re1 flash sales, the user will not be aware of the product they purchase. At the beginning of the sale they will have to draw Mystery Boxes. These mystery boxes can have any OnePlus product in them, including the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold version. Participants will only be able to see what’s inside their Re 1 Box once they complete the payment of Re 1. The Unpaid-for Boxes will expire after three hours.

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