BJP MP Rupa Ganguly gives controversial comment on Note ban

Rupa GangulyRupa Ganguly

After Modi’s announcement on ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, to exchang these notes there have been long serpentine queues outside banks and ATMs.

There have been reported many deaths due to currency ban in different parts of the country. On Monday afternoon a 49 year old man died standing in the long queue.

In this difficult situation BJP MP and Mahabharata actress Rupa Ganguly gave absurd and controversial comment. She said,”Ye jo lambi lines thi in mein aadhe toh political parties ke planted log the”. She further added that “half of those in these long queues were planted by political parties,vanished when indelible ink was used”.

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  1. Note ban needed 56 inches chest. This is the reply to cong vice president and many more like him that only those who have guts to improve the culture the congresees give to india.WHERE IS THE CULTURE THAY INHERITED FROM THE BRITISHERS THAT IN ALL MATTERS COUNTRY IS FRIST. Now that 85 percent people are in favour of ban which means that trusted vote bank of non BJP paries is with Modi. Is it not the high time that parties understood that Modi has come never to go in years to come ? Let us be bold to accept that nothing but universal military service is only the solution to shut the mouth of these undisciplined partymen who in order to earn Name and Fame can go to the extent of praising and protecting radical even at the cost of their near and dear ones FOR THEM KOI MAREY JA JIYA KHUSRA KOLE BATASHEY PIYAY.

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