Watch video of Narendra Modi Speech in Goa: you choose me to curb black money

Watch video of Modi speech in GoaWatch video of Modi speech in Goa

Four days after he announced the demonetisation of currency of denominations Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an emotional and impassioned appeal to Indians to give him 50 days to rid the country of black money. He also promised more strikes against the menace and asked countrymen to take the inconveniences of this move in their stride.

The Prime Minister returned from Japan and attended three public functions in Goa, Belgavi in Karnataka and in Pune respectively, where he appealed for support in his drive against black money and corruption.

Mr. Modi spoke in Goa first, after he digitally laid the foundation stone for a new greenfield airport at the Mopa plateau. He said, “I know what kind of forces and what kind of people who will be against me now. I am looting what they had accumulated over 70 years,” adding that he apprehended a threat to his life due to his strong stance against corruption. “They will not leave me alive. They will destroy me. Let them do what they want. The nation should just help me for 50 days,” he said.

He further assured the nation that the demonetisation drive was not the end of his campaign against corruption and black money.

Modi About Black Money

My dear Countrymen, I have left my home, my family, everything for nation. Some do it out of pressure. There are large number of countrymen who want to be honest. I gave them chance to declare unaccounted money.

Smart business men declared 67000 crore rupes and deposited to the government alongwith penalty. In the last two years 1.25 lac crore has been submitted to the exchequer under various survey, raids and declarations.

This is account of my two years of work, which I am declaring in front of the country from Goa. We opened Jan Dhan accounts.
Needless to remind how I was mocked inside the Parliament. They thought Modi would break down. But I wont even if I am burnt alive.
Rich people already have many accounts. They carry atleast 2-3 debit cards.

20 crore PM Jan Dhan accounts. Now they understand the importance of these accounts. These poor people have been provided with Rupay Debit cards one year ago. Poor people can now make purchase from these debit cards.
These were smalls steps taken towards cleaning India.

It’s like curing an epidemic with small medicine doses. Now the country is being cured. Jan Dhan account holders are poor. But they have deposited 45000 crores in Jan Dhan Bank accounts. This the power of comman Indian.

Still some people are are not believing. They kept playing political games.

He praised about different yojanas and schemes taken by state govt. in Goa.

“Grih Adhaar Yojana, Rs 1500 for women with an annual income of less than 3 lacs. Senior citizen scheme. Many states dayanand saraswati suraksha yojana for senior citizens get Rs 2000 per month. More than 1.5 lac senior citizens get benefits from this. Brothers and sisters, these schemes are not available anywhere in the country except Goa. Most of the country has not heard about these either.

Goa launched Ladli Laxmi Yojana alongwith Madhya Pradesh. Amount of Rs one lac was distributed to girls attaining 18 years of age. Today 45,000 girls benefited under this scheme in Goa. It is result of Manoharji and Laxmikantji’s foresight, that as we are laying foundation stone of Electronic City, workforce for the same is ready under Cyber student scheme. These leaders trained youths of Goa for connecting to the digital world.

Under ‘Deen Dayal’ health scheme 2.25 lakh, almost whole of Goa has been covered. We understand how tough it is for any family, especially poor family to fight any illness in today’s circumstance.

I feel proud to bow before Goa for the way it has excelled.

Three projects MOPA, new Greenfield Airport. Goa has been witnessing fake promises regarding Airport and other developments. Brothers and Sisters haven’t you heard such thing from different political parties. Dreams being sold that flights would land here carrying thousands of tourists. But alas, once the election is over Airplane is gone one its flight and Goa remains as its has always been. You tell me, brothers and sisters, haven’t you witnessed this? Today I feel content in finishing what Atal Bihar Vajpayee has started.

More than three times of the population of Goa 15 lacs, almost 50 lacs tourist are expected to visit Goa annually.”

PM Modi also praised ex Goa CM and current defense minister Manohar Parrikar

As Akbar had nine jewels in his team. He was known for his work because of these jewels. Today I also have a jewel who belongs to Goa. This defence minister has gone all-out to fulfill 40 year-long pending demands of our Army jawans of Orop.

No defence minister has gone without a graft allegation in history. We have been dealing with the world in defence. But not one can point a finger at him. I thank again the people of Goa for creating such honest politicians and I am proud to work alongside him as cabinet colleague.

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