There will be earthquake if I speak on currency ban in Lok Sabha: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi meets Narendra ModiRahul Gandhi meets Narendra Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in his speech on demonetisation – if he’s allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha – has the potential to cause an “earthquake.”

“The government is running from debate. If they allow me to speak then you will see what an earthquake will come,” said the Congress vice president.

The Congress and other Opposition parties have vociferously and relentlessly been criticizing+ the November 8 scrapping of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes. The note ban, or demonetization, has caused a severe cash crunch with the farmers and the poor bearing the brunt of the shortage of new notes and small value notes.

“This note ban is the biggest scam in the history of India. I want to speak in Lok Sabha about it. I will tell everything there. For a month we’ve been trying to debate on demonetisation. We want the issue to be clear, “Rahul said.

He criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not addressing questions+ about the currency ban in Parliament.

“PM Modi is speaking on the issue at different places in the country, why is he so scared of coming to Lok Sabha and speaking on it,” the Congress leader asked.

Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha has been adjourned until December 14 over the issue of demonetisation.

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  1. Its hillarious to see how papu is making such comments

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