Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset launched in India, priced at Rs 999

Xiaomi Mi VR Play headsetXiaomi Mi VR Play headset

Xiaomi is expanding into a lot of spaces in India and the Chinese smartphone brand has now entered the Virtual Reality space with their latest headset in the country. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play Headset was launched recently by Xiaomi and is aimed at the slowly burgeoning VR market in the country. The Mi VR Play headset will cost Rs 999 for buyers in India and it will be available for buying exclusively from the company’s online retail website, Mi.com/in .

The Mi VR Play was first announced in China in August where it was launched at an introductory price of only RMB 1, which roughly translates to Rs 10. The introductory price was possibly aimed at generating buzz among buyers. Being marketed as a fancier equivalent to the Google Cardboard, Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play headset works on very similar lines, in that it aims to offer bare basic VR functionality at a bare minimum price.

Xiaomi has however tried to premium-coat its VR offering through design and build material. The Mi VR Play headset, for one, is made out of Lycra and features a one-of-its-kind two-way zipper design. While Lycra ensures the headset looks and feels good, the two-way zipper design ensures that once a compatible phone has been slotted inside it, the phone won’t fall out. Speaking of which, Xiaomi’s VR headset is compatible with all smartphones with screen size of 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch. The headset weighs in at 208.7 gram and measures just 91mm in thickness.

The headset makes use of simple components, similar to what you find in Google’s Cardboard VR. Users can view 360-degree YouTube videos and Mi Live VR live streams though the headset, in addition to shooting VR photos through Google’s Cardboard Camera app.

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