Kaabil movie review: Hrithik Roshan delivers strong performance

Kaabil movie reviewKaabil movie review

Kaabil begins with Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik) accepting a meeting with Supriya (Yami), a match fixed by a common friend. Rohan is a terrific voice-over artist who takes mental notes of English dialogues and then translates them to Hindi in real time. They date, dance and they tie the knot. But don’t live happily ever after, because the local corporator Madhavrao Shellar’s (Ronit Roy) brother Amit (Rohit Roy) decides to take advantage of Supriya’s lack of sight. Rohan finds the policemen playing blind’s man’s buff. Leaving him with no choice, but to take the law into his own hands.

Sanjay Gupta lovingly sets up the beautiful world of a blind couple — Rohan, a proficient dubbing artiste and Supriya, a talented pianist. In Kaabil, he makes Rohan and his folks believable.

If the first half is packaged as a love story, the second half is more of an action film. The highlight of the film is Hrithik’s bravura performance. He is vulnerable as a lover and menacing as a killing-machine. In one word its his film. Kaabil is a thorough crowd-pleaser. Most of the applause and wolf-whistles are courtesy Hrithik Roshan.

The film feels too good to be true after a certain point. Sanjay Gupta tries and tells his story well. Kaabil is extremely stretched, several scenes are forced, several others out of place. The remixed Saara Zamana has absolutely no business being in the film. The villains in the film, Rohit and Ronit Roy, ham their way through Kaabil. Kaabil movie has same Rape & Revenge Concept like Aakhri Raasta & Ghajini.

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