Check out Phillauri trailer Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh leave you curious

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In Phillauri trailer there’s comedy, romance and a hook , the response to which has left the film’s makers content and excited. The trailer gets 2.5 million views in not even 10 hours.

The trailer was unveiled on Monday morning to a positive response as Bollywood buffs found the idea of actress Anushka Sharma playing a ghost very unique and interesting.

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer begins with Suraj Sharma — yes, the Life of Pi actor — in a very different persona as a NRI Punjabi boy who is made to marry a tree before he marries his fiance as he is ‘maanglik’. The humour comes in when the ghost who lived on the tree starts trailing him.

Anushka’s histrionics as the friendly and entertaining ghost look endearing, and the VFX adds to the look.

However, the tone of the film changes completely when someone asks Shashi, the friendly ghost, if she has any remaining desire, because of which she is lurking around. We then go into a flashback, many centuries ago, in Punjab.

It’s a fascinating world, quite different from the colourful, contemporary setting that the trailer starts with.

In it, Shashi tells her lover (Diljit Dosanj, looking quite dashing) who is a singer, that he has the power to change the world with his voice. He vows to come back to her only after he has made a name for himself. They both look quite in love, and we are shown how much goes wrong once he leaves.

From the trailer, one cannot tell much about what leads Anushka’s character to become a ghost.

Written by Anvita Dutt, Phillauri, releasing on March 24, is produced by Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films.

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