Virat gave this big statement to yuvraj

Virat statement to UVVirat statement to UV
Before the match from Bangladesh. More pressure than Bangladesh on India
Virat gave this big statement to the yuvraj. Virat said, ‘India can get credit for playing 300 matches which is so talented that is so talented. I congratulate them. ‘ Virat hoped that he would do something special in the semi-finals. He said, “I hope he will play well for us and will win the match.”

Virat felicitated Team India’s senior batsman Yuvraj Singh before the match, which will play his 300th ODI match through Bangladesh’s semifinal of ICC Champions Trophy. Virat said before the match, “His contribution to Indian cricket is incomparable. He is a match winner for India and has won several major tournaments and series. It shows how talented they are.

Although the team of Bangladesh may think Yuvraj Singh a weak link in Team India, but the captain of the Indian cricket team, given to Yuvraj, Virat Kohli can never be forgotten.The second semi-final between India and Bangladesh is to be played today in the Champions Trophy. The match is to be held in Birmingham, from where Team India started its campaign this time in the Champions Trophy. Team India defeated Pakistan by 124 runs in Birmingham.

The current selector said, “We had reached the Asia Cup final before this. But there is no doubt that this is a big moment in the history of Bangladesh cricket. India is a defending champion, there is no doubt that they will be under great pressure. Our team is experienced and we need team effort. The 44-year-old said his bowlers would be important but the biggest danger is Indian opener Rohit Sharma, whose 137-run knock in the 2015 World Cup quarterfinal is still in his mind

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