Vijay Rupani:Distributing NAMO tabs to students is like giving them Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshan chakraSudarshan chakra

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Monday distributed NAMO e-Tablets (New Avenues of Modern Education tablets) to students from various universities in Vadodara.  Speaking at the event, Rupani said the move will ensure that no student remains disconnected from the digital world.

“Not a single youth in Gujarat will be without tablet or disconnected from the digital world,” Rupani said. Slamming the opposition for criticising the initiative, the CM added: “Rivals call our decision to give subsided tablets a poll strategy. But we want Gujarat students to lead the world.”

“Sudarshan chakra“:

Describing the NAMO e-Tablets as “Sudarshan chakra”, Rupani said, “Giving NAMO Tabs to students is giving them Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra. It will bring knowledge at fingertips.”

The Gujarat CM also praised Modi government and said: “This is not a government for the weak. It’s a government led by PM Modi who has 56-inch chest.”

Announcing the 2017 Budget, the state government said it would distribute the tablets to around 3 lakh college students in the state at a token price of Rs 1,000. According to government officials, the market price of the tablet would be somewhere around Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000.

On Friday, Rupani distributed NAMO E-tablets to college students at the Gujarat University’s convention hall in Ahmedabad.

Speaking at the event, the chief minister took a dig at the opposition and said the BJP government does not view youths as vote banks.

“During elections, national parties give promises that if they are elected, they will give laptops, ghar na ghar (Congress’s poll promise announced during 2012 assembly elections) and even will give the entire world… They know that they will not come to power, so there is no loss in making promises. But, we have decided that the new age voters are not merely voters, but new age power.

We look at them not as voters, but as nation’s power,” Rupani said. The government had made an allocation of Rs 200 crore to implement the scheme.

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