Munich celebrates 184th Oktoberfest

Munich celebrates 184th OktoberfestMunich celebrates 184th Oktoberfest

One of the many things that define Munich as a Bavarian city are its festivals, and among them Oktoberfest is the most popular. Its known to the largest Volksfest in the world that attracts more than six million visitors from all around the globe each year. The ongoing festival will run until October 3.

Munich celebrating its 184th Oktoberfest this year, which is also refers to as the “Wies’n” by the locals, since the festival is held on the Theresienwiese. Among the many attractions, beer is probably the most important thing at the Oktoberfest. As usual, over six million litres of beer will drunk this year. In the 14 tents with capacity of over 98,000 seats, the big six Munich breweries, Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Spaten and Hofbräuhaus, will offer their special Oktoberfest beers to the attendees.

 Food of the Oktoberfest

The traditional food of the Oktoberfest with a glass of chilled beer is all what you want to make you day better. The visitors at the festival get to savour the taste of Bavarian specialties at the festival that include roast chicken, horseradish, Obazda (spread cheese), pork sausages or fish on a stick, pretzels, potato pancakes, and more.

For those who’ve had enough beer or those who cannot have it like children, they have a plethora of things to do at the Oktoberfest. They can enjoy the seemingly endless rides and carnival games at the fairground that surrounds the beer tents. If visited at the right time, they can also witness some of the special events including the Costume and Riflemen’s Parade. It sees costumed performers and musicians, thoroughbred horses, oxen and associated farmyard animals walk through the centre of Munich to celebrate the Oktoberfest’s opening weekend.

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