VIDEO: World’s next Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi island

VIDEO: World’s next Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi islandVIDEO: World’s next Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi island

There was only that one Louvre Museum, essentially synonymous with the city of love Paris, where it is located. But soon, the world’s largest art museum will have a second edition and this will situated several thousands kilometres away in Abu Dhabi.

The second Louvre Museum is all set to unveiled on November 11 this year on a spectacular artificial island. Built on the cornerstone of a new $27 billion cultural district on Saadiyat Island, it is covered by a giant dome that floats above the water and said to showcase a “human and universal story”.

The nearly 26 sq km area includes a campus of New York University, 30 hotels, three marinas, 8,000 villas and 38,000 housing units spread along some 19 km of coastline. After an announcement in 2007, people have been eagerly awaiting to see the Middle eastern Louvre museum. The dome of the historical monument has described as a blur between art and engineering to create an internal effect that its architect describes as a “rain of light”.

Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, it expected to house more than 600 pieces of art under its intricate dome. An intriguing clip has surfaced on the Internet that sheds light on the creation, and had collected more than 97,000 views at the time of writing.

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