26/11 Mumbai terror attack, PM Modi salutes martyrs in ‘Mann ki Baat’ address

26/11 Mumbai terror attack: PM Modi salutes martyrs in ‘Mann ki Baat’ address26/11 Mumbai terror attack: PM Modi salutes martyrs in ‘Mann ki Baat’ address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the nation on Sunday via his radio programme Mann ki Baat, honoured the men and women who sacrificed their lives during the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. Mr. Modi was speaking on the ninth anniversary of the terror attack.

“We salute all those brave women and men who lost their lives in the gruesome 26/11 attacks in Mumbai,” Mr. Modi said. “Terrorism is a threat to humanity.”

“For over four decades, India has been raising the issue of terror. Initially the world didn’t take us seriously but now they are realising destruction caused by terrorism.

November 26 also happens to be Constitution Day, as it was on this day in 1949 when the Constitution of India was drafted.

“Our Constitution safeguards the rights of the poor and weaker sections of society,” he said. “The makers of our Constitution worked hard to give us a Constitution we would be proud of.”

Ahead of Navy Day, on December 4, Mr. Modi praised the Indian Navy for serving the nation with “great diligence”, and highlighted their contributions during crises.

“We Indians always nurture feeling of pride and respect towards our security forces- Army, Navy or Air Force; every countryman salutes courage, bravery, valour, chivalry and sacrifice of our soldiers. They sacrifice their youth for country so that 125 crore countrymen live in peace.”

“India’s glorious naval tradition dates back to times of the Chola Empire and the empire of Shivaji Maharaj.”

“In September, during the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, our naval ship INS GHADIYAL delivered humanitarian assistance there.

“Government of Papua New Guinea sent an SOS-message to us in June and our Navy rendered help in saving the fishermen of a fishing boat.

“On 21st November, during an incident of piracy in a merchant vessel in the Western Gulf, our naval ship INS TRIKAND reached there to help them.

“In May-June this year when there was a severe flood in Sri Lanka, three ships of our navy reached there immediately and helped the government and the people there.”

Mr. Modi also spoke ahead of World Soil Day, on December 5.

“I want to tell something to my farmer brothers and sisters. An important component of the Earth is ‘soil’. Farmers here were earlier using chemical fertilizers indiscriminately which deteriorated the soil-health. Produce reduced which resulted in lower income and gradually the productivity of the soil also was going down,” Mr. Modi said.

“Some enlightened and alert farmers in the village noticed and understood the gravity of the situation, and after that got their soil tested on time and followed the advice about the quantity of fertilizers, micro-nutrients and organic fertilizers to be used.

“In the Rabi season of 2016-17, wheat production per acre increased three to four times and their income also increased by four to six thousand rupees per acre. Besides, the soil quality also improved. Cut in fertilizer usage resulted in monetary saving. I am very glad to see that my farmer brothers have come forward to implement the suggestions made in the soil health card and as better results are showing, they are getting more and more inspired.

“And, now the farmer also realises that proper soil care is needed if production is to be increased and that if we take care of our soil, it will also care for all of us.”

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