Rahul Gandhi issues apology for erroneous tweet

BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal PradeshBJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and tendered an apology for his tweet containing erroneous figures highlighting the price rise of essential commodities.

The Congress leader, in a tweet, said that unlike the Prime Minister, he is a human who is prone to making mistakes.

On Tuesday, Rahul’s Twitter account had posted a question+ for the BJP by highlighting the price rise of essential commodities and tweeted a table with figures showing the percentage rise in prices of gas cylinders, daals, tomato, onions, milk and diesel.

However, all the percentages were inflated by 100 points on that table. That is, the table said, for example, that daal prices have risen to 80 Rs a kilo from 45 Rs a kilo. That’s a percentage rise of 77 percent, but the table tweeted by Rahul showed a rise of 177 percent.

The tweet was later deleted and replaced with a corrected table

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