Touch Chesi Chudu movie review starring Ravi Teja

Touch Chesi Chudu reviewTouch Chesi Chudu review

Touch Chesi Chudu review: Tollywood’s Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back with ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ and he certainly has a point to prove after a string of flops in recent times. Directed by debutant Vikram Sirikonda, the film has finally hit screens today on February 2. The actor looks leaner and fitter and his inimitable dialogue-delivery is spot on.

For Karthikeya (Ravi Teja), family means everything and on more than one occasion, he shows that he can go to any extent to ensure his family is happy. He even agrees to get married and meets Pushpa (Raashi Khanna). Known to speak his mind, it’s not long before he offends her and she rejects his marriage proposal. As it happens so often in Telugu commercial films, she soon starts falling for him. However, the seemingly happy story comes to a sudden, jarring halt when Karthikeya’s sister witnesses a murder, one that changes all their lives completely and brings back dark memories.

The first half, barring a few laughs, is full of cliches and is awfully predictable. The romantic sequences between Ravi Teja and Raashi Khanna leaves a lot to be desired. While the film moves forward on a good pace, the writing lacks creativity. Hopefully the second half would have something more to offer.

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