Talgo Train reaches Mumbai 3 hr late in trial

Talgo Train

The Spanish Talgo train reached from Delhi to Mumbai at 11.40 a.m., as against the scheduled time of 8.31 a.m. Due to heavy rainfall and flooding of tracks it was over three hours late.

The special with shiny white coaches aimed to roll into Mumbai in about 13 hours with a top speed of over 150 kmph, besting Rajdhani Express which takes almost 16 hours. But the monsoon played spoilsport.

The train is planned for the Mumbai–Delhi route, and could shave off three hours from the present run. It was the third trial, the previous two being Bareilly-Moradabad (90 km), and Mathura-Palwal (86 km).

The Talgo, often referred to as a ‘semi-bullet train,’  comprises nine deluxe coaches, including two executive class, four chair cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end for the guard, staff and equipment

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